Zealand Worship

With the success of his own personal ministries and albums, Phil Joel began to realize that worldwide ministry opportunities were available and readily accessible to Christian musicians. Joel began to reconsider his role in this worldwide ministry and how he can further his mission to spread his Christian beliefs and the word of God. Throughout his career, music had always been the vehicle to do so, and he began creating a new musical project. However, he realized he could not achieve this by himself but must recruit the help of other Christian musicians as well.

In 2012, Joel assembled a group of Christian musicians named Ben Bugna and Ben Garrett, who were administering their own worldwide Christian ministries. Together they formed a Franklin Tennessee based Christian super group named Zealand Worship. In 2015, the band was signed by the label “Word Entertainment” a division of the infamous “Curb Records”. With a new label backing them, Zealand Worship released an EP entitled Zealand Worship- the EP. The album was well received by critics and fans alike, earning a 10/10 star rating by Christian Publication Christ Core and a 4.5/5 review from The Christian Beat. All critics agreed that the records passion and religious message truly set it apart from other related musical acts. Joshua Andres from Inspiring Media even stated that the records only downfall was that it was not longer. This album included songs such as Good Good Father and That’s who You Are.

Although the band was very successful they refused to use social media to promote their EP and their upcoming album. Instead they wanted the project to be a word of mouth venture and one that was successful based on music rather than their online presence. They thought that a social media presence would take away from their goal of worldwide spiritual growth.

To follow up this successful EP, Zealand Worship announced that they were releasing their first full length album Named Liberated on February 9, 2018. For more information regarding the album you may visit the bands official website.