It is no secret that Phil Joel’s most triumphant venture to date has been with the successful Christian Rock band The Newsboys. In fact, many still associate Joel with the band even though he left in 2006.

So one would wonder how a small town boy from New Zealand ended up in one of the most successful Christian Rock bands in the world. Joel gained the attention of The Newsboys from his success in his first band Drinkwater. After the members of The Newsboys heard Joel play and enjoyed his presence on stage, they were quick to make Phil Joel and offer to join their band, as a bass player. Although Joel was not initially a bass player -as he played guitar in Drinkwater- he took to the bass quickly. Of his inability to play bass Joel famously stated “I already know how to play a guitar with six strings, four should be a cinch”. From when he joined the band in 1994 to when he quit the band in 2006, Joel ended up completing seven albums with the group and toured frequently with the band on both national and international runs.

Throughout his career with The Newsboys Joel has also frequently participated in the bands many Christian Missions. The band has helped many communities around the world fight homelessness and ward off starvation. The bands efforts have also helped to spread their personal religious beliefs and convictions through these communities. In fact, The Newsboys have continued their charitable and missionary work to this day. Current charitable projects that The Newsboys are participating in are Child Fund international and the God’s not Dead Mission. The band encourages their fans to participate actively in religious missions and to help those in communities around them. It can be argued that the bands success has allowed Phil Joel to complete his own personal religious and musical goals, including the creation of his own religious ministry called deliberatePeople.

Although Phil Joel is largely known by the general public for his success in the band The Newsboys, he is known within the Christian Rock community largely for his triumphant solo works. Although Phil Joel had great success with The Newsboys, he also excelled as a solo artist. Joel began his solo career in the year 2000 when he released an album called Watching over you with the label Inpop. This album is deeply autobiographical and reflects Joel’s personal religious thoughts and feelings. Singles from his first album featured hits such as God is watching over You, Strangely Normal and Author of Life. His follow up success entitled Bring it On made also in partnership with the record label Inpop. This album featured successful singles such as I Adore You and The Man You Want me to Be. Joel also released two additional albums through his ministry deliberatePeople. These albums were more stripped down and personal revealing a more raw side of Joel’s music.

In 2012 Joel partnered with fellow Christian musicians to form the band Zealand Worship. Together they released in 2015 and a solo album in 2018.

Following the success of his ministry and his solo albums and colaborations Phil Joel left The Newsboys in 2006. In interviews Joel stated that the reason for his departure was to spend more time with his family and to develop his personal pursuits. Although Phil Joel left The Newsboys in 2006, he joined the band again in 2018 for their nationwide tour.