Although this is not the official web page of Phil Joel or his ministry, we hope that it can offer you some useful information on this inspiring mission.

Formed in 2005, Phil and Heather Joel’s ministry called deliberatePeople has influenced and inspired many Christians to explore their faith and guide them in religious study. One of the staples of the ministry created by the Joel family was to create a relaxed atmosphere in which people can worship. Written journals were published on their website instructing readers on how to approach prayer and personal insights into different biblical passages. The journals helped to lead the student through a day to day worship plan including notes on interpretations of bible passages and scripture. The ministry also encouraged active missions in domestic and international communities and sought to inspire and change the world through prayer and religious practice. The journals of the ministry also described the Joel family missions and how helping people inspired them to live a spiritual and giving life.

Not only did the ministry attempt to inspire its followers through prayer, the mission also solidified its beliefs and practices with music and artistic expression. The ministry served as a production studio for Phil Joel’s final solo albums and also served as a platform for the albums distribution. An official record label was created from the ministry named deliberatePeople. Phil Joel’s solo albums produced and created by the ministry include the aptly named deliberatePeople and The New Normal. Solo albums created within the ministry are celebrated for being stripped down versions of Joel’s earlier efforts, and reminiscent of the Christian music of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Along with Joel’s solo album the deliberatePeople label also produced two children’s compilations named deliberateKids and the follow up record deliberateKids2. These albums were widely successful and sought to teach kids religious lessons and scripture through music and fun. The ministry was therefore not only a place that encouraged spirituality but also one that inspired children and families to explore religion and its ability to create a more fulfilling existence.

Through the deliberatePeople ministry many have found guidance and inspiration through prayer and music, not only did the mission act as a home for the faithful, but it also produced some amazing and memorable music.